Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to some of your questions about iFreebies.com and about early retirement and financial independece in general.

What does FIRE stand for? - Financially Independent Retired Early.

Why is FIRE so important? - I think this answer is a little different for everyone but in general it's all about freedom.  Being financially independent doesn't necessarily mean just sit back, retire and do nothing.  It certainly could.  However a lot of people are more interested in the choices that a FIRE lifestyle can provide.  Is there something you've always wanted to do but it doesn't pay enough to cover the bills?  Well become financially independent and pursue your passions.  There is no right or wrong.  It's all about being able to leave the world full of "have to's" and moving into a world of "want to".

What does iFreebies stand for? - Nothing exactly.  It's really about the fact that I and my family want to be free.... hence iFreebies.  It's a short and easy to remember name to blog our journey.

Is this related to Apple or Apple products? - No.  Surprisingly we get this question a lot.  You know the whole iPhone, iPad, etc.  I wish I could say it had something to do with Apples line of products but no such luck (although I'm a fan). If anybody from Apple is reading this site and wants to make me a rich man and buy the url someday let's talk:)

Can I put a link to iFreebies.com on my web site /Facebook page / Twitter? - Absolutely! We appreciate all links to our site. You can either provide a text link or use our large iFreebies.com banner located on the top of our pages. If you want a your link back to our site in return, just drop us an email.

I love this website. What can I do to help? - That's a great question. There are lots of things you can do to help. The first is to visit often and add lots of comments to our articles.  We like to know somebody is out there actually reading what we write.  Also be sure to visit our sponsors by clicking on their links. They help pay for this site and keep it going. Additionally you can add our link to your website / Facebook / Twitter or other pages. It helps drive traffic. Tell your friends and again, visit often.

Other Questions - Drop us an email.