Sunday, July 24, 2016

Prime Time Sunday July 24, 2016

Prime Time Sunday July 24, 2016
Welcome to week two of our Sunday Prime Time posts where we recap some of the best posts from the past week in the world of finance and early retirement.

I'll admit that it has been a very busy week for us in the iFreebies family so we may not have caught all the great articles out there.  Of the ones we did have time to read this week below are our Prime Time picks.

Mission Accomplished:  Freedom at 59.5 has reached early retirement ahead of schedule and is moving on to Life 2.0.  An impressive accomplishment and one that had to make our weekly Prime Time.

Step 1: Do Nothing. Step 2: Profit.:  A great post by a great blog I recently discovered, Mortimer's Money Machines.  Lots of other great older posts there as well.

There's Always Money Banana Stand:  A great shout out to the famous line from Arrested Development in a great post from RetireBeforeDad.  A must read if you have more than one property.

4 Years After Early Retirement Update:  By Retireby40.  A great update on the day to day living 4 years into his early retirement journey.  Some good advice about having side projects in this post.

We hope you have enjoyed this week's Prime Time.  Make sure to check back every Sunday for another weekly recap.

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