Sunday, July 31, 2016

Prime Time Sunday July 31, 2016

Prime Time July 31, 2016
Welcome to another edition of Prime Time.  The weekly blog post in which I share with you some of the best entries from some of my favorite blogs of the last week.  This week we have been on vacation so I didn't get a chance to post my own entry but did get some time to catch up on reading some of the other great blogs out on the internet.  Here are some of my favorites from the week:

A Day in the Life of Frugalwoods Homestead Edition:  Another great post from one of my favorite blogs.  An interesting look into their homestead life in New England.

A Silent Killer:  A more serious post by Mr. Tako on the effects of losing muscle mass as you age.  As I am getting older this one hit home a little.

The Peril of Second-Guessing Decisions:  Our Next Life continues to be one of my favorite blogs to read each week and their latest post hit a home run again.

Let's Go Exploring Denmark:  Millennial Revolution blogs about their trip to Denmark.  Great read as they continue to travel the world in the early retirement.

Our Ultra-Safe Early Retirement Plan:  Eat the Financial Elephant has a great post about developing a second income stream in retirement.

Photo credit:  zavulonya

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